Can Mason Jones dunk?

This has been asked before. Here is an interesting tweet from Khalil.

[tweet] … 2884029442

Khalil is just joking, he can dunk it. Someone has already said they’ve seen him dunk in warm-ups before the game. He’s just like Anthlon Bell, Dusty Hannahs, and Manny Watkins where they aren’t athletic enough to dunk in a game, but if they are alone and get a full head of steam they can dunk it. Johnny Holmes is 5’10 and can dunk if he bounces it to himself and gets a running head start, I’ve seen it.

I remember I wondered the same thing about Anthlon Bell for the longest, and went early to a game one time and he was playing around and dunked, for some reason it made the whole trip going early worth it :slight_smile:

Yes, he is joking. But I thought it was funny and interesting he is making fun of Mason. I am told there is great chemistry on this team. This is a good example.

Yea, most of those guys really like each other. I know Harris, Jones, Garland, Gabe, Dan, and Adrio all hang together, I know Gabe and Dan are like best friends. Then Joe, Sills, Ali, Henderson, and Hill all hang together. I really haven’t been able to tell who Chaney and Keyshawn hang out with on that team, and it’s kinda ironic, because Chaney’s name just popped on twitter as considering a transfer. Could be just another rumor. … 9068534784

yea but this dude is 6’5 and struggling to dunk lol

Yeah, Chaney is a possibility until the fat lady sings. I had thought Keyshawn as a possibility. He probably thinks he deserves time over Sills.