Can Maleek Williams be as good as David Williams?

In time ? I sure hope he can. David has been one of the early bright spots. Insiders do you think Maleek has that kind of ability?

Sure looked like there was that kind of potential this spring.

Of course, David is a senior with prior SEC experience, and Maleek is a true freshman. But given time in our program, I’m optimistic that Maleek can play that role in our backfield sooner than later - beginning next season.

I definitely don’t think that’s out of the question.

David Williams has been the biggest positive surprise on this team, to me. He is big, fast, shifty and a heckuva back. How did he not play much at South Carolina? That is a head scratcher.

David Williams has certainly looked good.

Maleek, if he hangs around, should be fine going forward. He looked capable in the spring, and we are always going to need two heavy-run backs available to wear out the opposition, especially since RBs tend to get nicked up.

This year, they’ve got DWilliams and Whaley. Next year it will be Whaley and MWilliams. In 2019 I expect(despite his slow start this season) that Whaley will be gone to the NFL and MWilliams and a player to be named later will do the heavy work.

Chase is a special talent, but you want to keep him fresh to maximize his gifts, so he’s not going to get 25 touches a game on a regular basis.

I don’t think Maleek and David are the same kind of runners. Both are physical, yes, but David looks like he is a little lighter on his feet and more patient. What I’ve seen of Maleek is a more of a bulldozer type. Of course David has been around the SEC for five years and we don’t know much about how he changed in the first four.