Can Liberty be a functional open date for injured player recovery?

Can Bumper especially be expected to get more rest than action to heal? i know that is not his personality and that Liberty is less of a gimme than Mo st fighting Petrinos, but our backups are still fully capable of handling Liberty if they (backups) play well exp the skill positions. I would not have even considered doing the same last year v that Liberty team, but would this year. This is the point of the season to get ready for JFB emphasis on winning November. We need Bumper to be the Bumper of old to handle the Aubbies, Ole mIssy and Lswhoers of the world.

If he can play, he will play that game. I think that’s the way to look at it. No matter what, I believe Chris Paul needs to play more – to rest Bumper and to get him ready for what’s coming. He will be playing a lot next year.


Once the season is over, I think you’ll hear more about Bumper’s situation. Rest helps some but he’s gutting it out right now.

Not aware of his situation but if his backup is equal to or better than his gutting it out performance the back up should play, especially if that backup is the starter next year.

I don’t know Liberty was 6-1 with their only loss to a top 15 ranked Wake Forest by 1 point. Today, at half, they lead BYU. I’d say we better not think about resting anyone against Liberty. If we look ahead to LSU, we are liable to lose the Liberty game.


I’m assuming this was a sarcastic joke about Liberty. The Flames will be playing in a bowl game.

BYU down 27-14. Liberty may be an issue

Now 34-14

We will have to score everybody else we play, not going to win any of them without scoring 30, with the exception of maybe Missouri.

41 - 14 Liberty. 7 minutes left in the game. 535 total yards to 205 they are absolutely crushing BYU on both sides of the ball… SMH

Liberty will give us all we can handle. They appear to be a well coached team and Freeze would like nothing better than beating an SEC team. Better get our secondary healed for this 5 game stretch.

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Yeah, I’m watching LSU smoke Ole Miss

LSU’s got some athletic freaks on defense and a running quarterback that has the ability to throw the ball pretty well… they are going to be a handful

All 5 games are gonna be a challenge. No breaks anywhere. Got to start down at auburn and get a win there then I hope we get some cold November games that make teams uncomfortable and us squeak out some wins.

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