Can it be fixed?

Two glaring problems we have, offensive line and entire defense. Sad to say but offensive line takes time. Hard for Arkansas to play freshmen there so don’t look for any immediate help there for next year. Adjustments need to be made. Quicker throws, spread the field more, screens and draws. We find out ole miss run defense is pathetic also, so all those giddy after that game should realize this was the exception, not the norm. We’ve struggled all year to run and pass blocking is atrocious. and we have 2 games coming up against stellar defenses. Defense is an entire different situation. I’ve never seen a run defense so inept. Can’t be all players. When announcers can point out mismatches, alignment issues, poor tackling technique, well you know offensive coordinators are licking their chops waiting to play us. Neither Florida or LSU have as potent of offenses as we’ve faced to date, but both can run the ball, especially LSU. They might set another record against us. This has to be a scheme problem. I like rob smith, seems like a good enough guy, but he is just not getting it done. I think this is more of a coaching problem rather than a personel problem however we sure could use upgrades there across the board. Talent aside our guys are just not in the right spots. Aggies and Bama took away out bootleg game, very well coached defenses. Our guys are just not coached well enough, and if they are and aren’t following instructions, play someone else. Our talent isn’t bad enough to be at or near the. Ottom in the nation in run defense, scoring defense, and total defense. Something has got to change.

We have a better chance of the defense playing better by changing the scheme. Sadly, our OL is deeply lacking in talent. Maybe Zach Rodgers gets a chance? Merrick?

Struck gold when we signed Kirkland and Skipper late and they pretty much started right off the bat - and played well. Did the same with Tretola and Ragnow.

Other than that it’s been a folly of misses and low numbers. Shudder to think of our OL without Skipper, and an absolute nightmare if Ragnow declares for the NFL.

Good point. No one talks about the possibility of ragnow leaving. Remember we struggled mightily when we had to play skipper and Kirkland as freshmen. As far as 50 is concerned, he just gets pushed around. Surely we have someone stronger than him. Merrick or Jackson. Anyone. At least 51 has some strength and doesn’t get physically dominated. His is more of an experience issue. According to the recruiting guys we aren’t going to sign more than 4 offensive linemen. We will still be low on numbers there.

“Worst ever” means something.

Why? As long as the GPAs stay on the up, the boys stay out of jail, and the new facility funding continues to be approved, I don’t think anything will change.

If Ragnow stays for his Sr year, I would expect he would be our left tackle. If he becomes a very good LT, it would mean lots more money in the NFL. If CBB tells Frank that he plans to move him to LT if he comes back, it could be a nice incentive for him to stay.

Early this year, when we were playing musical chairs with the OL, CBB said that Frank would be our best center, guard, or tackle. I’m anything but a knowledgeable OL guy, but I can’t help but think our OL would be improved this year if we’d left Skipper at RT, Zach at center, and Frank at LT. Zach was the number 1 rated HS center by a couple recruiting services. It’s time he steps up and takes that spot next year.

I just don’t see how Smith can stay. His scheme is not getting it done. I don’t know if it is because it is too complicated, the players are not listening, talent, or whatever. It does not matter, there has got to be a change. It can’t really get any worse. In addition to Smith, I am really not sure that the DL and LB coaches need to be retained. The mental mistakes for the DEs are really inexcusable, for one thing.

The only place I can see the defense has improved this year is the way the DBs play the ball in the air. Rhodes has been a good influence there, but the basic structure of the defense just seems to be ill-fitted to what we’ve got on the roster.

At this point, it is hard to see the harm of switching things up in the off week and adopting a much more aggressive scheme. Sure, we will give up big plays, but we are already, and we need something to restore confidence and give them a chance to get off the field.

Excellent observation Navy…and add to that, we had ZERO injuries and started a NOT VERY deep line every game last year… We got lucky on that!