Can CSP do what

What you don’t factor in with Dabo - or any coach - is that he may not be the same off camera. Sound bytes don’t always tell the story. He apparently is really good with people and players off camera.

Sam is the same in either setting. Just real, as they say

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I have never met Dabo. But I know literally dozens of people that claim to know him well. They all–to a person–adore him. He seems to have that ability to make anyone that meets him feel like they are his friend. That they matter. Politicians on all sides of all aisles try to cultivate this ability.

But it boils down to you either have it or you don’t. Do you have charisma? The ability to inspire? To alter the chemistry of a room by just being in it? (Broyles certainly had that). And, as Clay infers, is it genuine?

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