Can confirm

There’s interest in Clemson graduate transfer DL Scott Pagano.

Hope to be able to say more soon.

That would be a plus for the defense.

This would be VERY good. He can play, but clemson has arguably recruited the DL better than anyone not named Bama the last five years.

Pango started nine games for Clemson in 2015, weighs about 295, a pretty highly rated guy in high school. A more than decent addition. I suppose he would show up over the summer, which is a minus, but overall sounds like he could help.

I think it is Pagano. He is from Hawaii and Dabo’s press release says he wants to play on the west coast. currently ranks Pagano as one of the top 10 defensive tackles in the 2018 NFL Draft Class.

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That’s definitely not the space Arkansas occupies. . .currently.

Things can always change.

I do hope you are referencing Pagano’s preference for the west coast. I kinda like Arkansas right where it is. :smiley:

Maybe he’s seen CBB wearing his sandals and just thought we were on the West Coast.

Well, we are on the west “coast” of Arkansas which is west of the Mississippi River. That’s way further west than Clemson.

Only two west coast schools, listed in his final 7.

It wouldn’t be smart to go west just because it is closer to home. Hopefully, he will consider playing time, And plenty is available on the Hill. If he does consider that, the Hogs would have a legit chance to land him.