Can confirm Jarrod Barnes

is leaving the program.

Do any of these departures create the possibility of signing more than 29?

he was such a dynamic QB at Cabbot, watched him TORCH Catholic one night, really only held back by his own coach.

But I always wondered about SEC level WR.

But the way he SHUT DOWN “business decision” is worth a 5 year scholarship, in my mind.

Wish Mr. Barnes all the success in the world!


I should add Jarrod isn’t leaving because of grades or any kind of trouble.

Yea, he was the recipient of some poor coaching last year, and it essentially wasted a year of his football life. Hate it for him, but I hope he finds greener pastures!

We’ve got 10 more to get to the 29 number, or somewhere in that range.


I should add Jarrod isn’t leaving because of grades or any kind of trouble.

[/quote]Never saw him play and I know nothing of his skill set, but when he signed with us, I had visions of a real salty cornerback. Know he had some good results on the hardwood versus the Monk kid.

We are at 79/80 depending on Chevin Calloway, so I’m not understanding ur 10??

I think it has been noted more than once that Calloway won’t be returning.

Yes I understand that, but he may still be placed on scholarship.

That’s the heavy speculation (and likelihood), but there has been no official announcement from either side that I’m aware of.

You’ve got to count in the new commits/returnees - the transfers/graduates = 10 more must leave it we plan to sign 29.

Matt mentioned Calloway’s name in the group of 4 to leave the program so far this year along with Dalton, Nance, Fisher.
Not sure how official that is.

Ok, I thought we were a lot closer than ten. Lol can’t keep up with all the changes. Thx for heads up.

I believe you can only sign 25 a year. They signed less than 25 last year. Can only take those “extras” and count them forward - and stay under 85.

You do not get to replace those who leave, only stay within the 25 a year. But if you are over 85, you may not be able to sign 25.

Barnes was a great high school athlete, but he was almost exclusively an option QB, don’t think he ever played any defense at Cabot. Sometimes the athlete/QB can make the move to WR/DB, sometimes not. Warren played QB in high school but has been able to make the transition to being a back up WR and of course a kick returner.

I hope Barnes does well at his next stop, never heard a bad word about the kid when he was in high school.

Clay why do you think Jarrod did not make much of an impact as a Hog? He sure seemed to have the speed and athleticism that we have been in short supply of. I would have thought that at the least, he would have been a capable special teamer.

Ten more leaving should not be a problem. Take a look at list of guys that have already used their redshirt and don’t play a lick - lots to choose from!

From what I hear he is headed to UCA.

He will have a fantastic career with them and I wish him the best!

We signed 21 last class, 17 initial, 3 walkons, and 1 grad transfer. We can count back 4 in this class and sign 25, thus the 29 number.