Can Coach Morris pull off a HDN 1998 year?

Is it possible? -

I love Coach Morris making connections with Texas talent - so the future looks good

It’s possible - my negative waves start this year with dread of this season if MSU remains strong

I’m thinking that if Arkansas can win the first three games and then compete in a way the players walk away from Auburn knowing in their hearts they belong on the field with the War eagles/Tiggers - I’m thinking this could be a very solid season 7 wins or better

Let say

If (Big IF) LSU and MSU slip - I’m going Arkansas makes a leap forward

I’m not buying MSU - they may just slip like Arkansas did in Jack Crowe’s first year

Ole Miss I’m not buying yet - but they may actually be good but not sure how they will respond to all the probation

Mizzou has a good QB but they too are changing the offense- not sure they will be that great

TAMU had talent but they are not traditional Texans - more soft than Texans should be - and I’m not sure Jumbo $ Jim can make them tough

Now can Chris Morris pull a HDN 1998 year?

Let’s see

Now reality in Vegas is 5 wins

Let’s see

If it’s 5 that will be very uncomfortable

If it’s 6 wins and a bowl win Coach Morris has momentum

But if those other programs struggle in their own transitions - maybe this could be a solid year of recovery for Arkansas

Yes - I’m drinking the Koolade

I don’t see a Clint Stoerner. I think QB play is so important. You have to get great play there to make that kind of jump.

I defer to you

But I like steam boat

I’m going the new system makes that big ole boy a dual threat

Love your thoughts and hope, but I just don’t see it. Possible I guess. I don’t think we have near enough SEC talent.

I don’t see a QB that can make plays consistantly when needed. A bigger concern for me is the lack of depth on defense. To run this system, you almost have to have 2 complete defenses to rotate, especially the front 7 or so. The defense is just is on the field for far too many plays without relief. Gary Danielson made that point with Bo early and I think it is a great point. At times, you must be able to run the clock and control the ball for your defense, not your offense.

I am sure the coaches know all of this as evidenced by the recruits they are bring. Hopefully, they know how to handle it. Chavis could not handle it at A&m with more talent. His defenses often got tourched.

Totally agree, Clay. Did you see a Clint Stoerner in July of 98? I was in college and wasn’t paying as much attention as I do now. Just curious on your perspective. I do remember CS spent a lot of time running for his life and getting hit the year prior to Nutt.

Sure…its possible. The truth is no one knows. I think there is just as much chance of that as there is going 4-8 or something. Too many unknowns to accurately predict in spite of what all the “pundits” think.

The way Stoerner played the first 1 1/2 to 2 years about drove me nuts. Wildly inconsistent. As he got experience and took coaching, he got a lot better and a lot more consistent.

From that standpoint, Cole is a bit like Stoerner, with a lot of the same competitive fire and some talent. He just needs to keep playing and keep learning.

I think there is potential this year for a pleasant surprise of a winning season, and some limited potential for really shocking some folks and getting to eight wins. I don’t see a ten win regular season, the schedule is just too tough and we have too many talent deficiencies.

So I think “1998 Lite” is possible.

I have to believe 6 wins would be huge.

Progress in a new coach first year is not always measured by W/L. Especally with the completely different style of offense and defense.

I believe that Cole will end up as the starter. But who knows?

Nevertheless I like what Bluegrass is cooking…

Why not, weakest schedule in recent memory, 16 returning starters.
Defensive football is play on emotional stage. CBB was just to laid back for his team to play with an emotional edge.

There is always a team that comes out of nowhere and surprises. Why not the Hogs? They have the potential to do that.

I have doubts that we’ll pull off the big year, but … while we were blown out in the vast majority of the losses last year, three games were one-possession losses (A&M, Mississippi State and Missouri). Turn those games around and win the non-conference games and the Hogs are 7-5. Don’t think it’s completely out of the realm of possibility. Then exchange Vanderbilt for South Carolina, and that’s 8-4. Not drinking the Kool-Aid; just looking at it realistically. Could just as easily be 3-9, but if pressed to pick, I’d go 6-6.

No 1998 in the offing; more likely 2008.

In 1998, our talent and trajectory in general was going up; Danny Ford had accumulated some guys who (as we saw in 1998 and 1999) were ready to win. They simply needed the kind of inspiration that HDN brought with him (and that Danny Ford didn’t have at that point in his coaching career). I remember several times during the 1997 season thinking that we were “this close” to being pretty good. I didn’t have that feeling at any time the last half of the 2017 season.

I like what I see in CCM, but our talent is in transition. We’ve got some - probably more than most analysts give us credit for. But there is some “re-tooling” to be done, as there usually is between one coaching regime and another.

5-6 wins this year, probably 7 the next, and then we should start to see what we truly have in this coaching staff - do we step up to the next level in 2020, or stay in the middle of the pack?

And let’s not forget about that solid offensive line that CS enjoyed. I’m not sure we have that characteristic this year, either.

We don’t have the Oline or the QB

no way too many kinks in the rope,DL,OL QB…6-7 wins about it IMO

6-7 wins hits the over in Vegas so that would be a Win!

I hate that MSU is your contingency because those guys are loving their new coach and he can use talent as did his semi mentor James Franklin.MSU is better than Ole Missy, can play with LSU and will have a decent representation in April for the NFL draft. Fitzgerald coming back is real likely from what I hear from Starkvillians, and second QB is a kid with ability and talent. I really like MSU hire. Where the heck does Jack Crowe seem remotely similar?? They got dogs on both lines and have a chip on their shoulder about Mullen and everyone lumping them as losers without him.

Hoping for 6, but I just can’t see more than that. Heck, I’m not at all sure about the CSU game. We lose that one and it will be a long, suffering season. I do feel CM will have them playing hard, but I just don’t see the talent we need this year…

My memory of the 1997 season is two-fold: We couldn’t run the ball against a strong breeze and our OL couldn’t protect CS at all. That’s the same OL that played very well in 1998. But in Danny’s offense, it wasn’t working. Maybe the new scheme will do the same thing Nutt’s system did for them in '98.

I had the same observation of 1997 vs 98

Add the experienced team we had in 98 that had endured so much loss in 97 and was angry about it

Big difference Clay has pointed out 98 vs 2018 - we don’t have Clint at QB

But when I watch steamboat O see some of the same fight as Clint

Looking forward to the season - hoping fir improvement and respectability again but hoping for much more