Can CBB turn us into the Wisconsin of the SEC.................

…competing in the SEC West? Despite this season not being as good as we all wanted and finishing on a very sad note, I still believe he can. Wisconsin (during CBB’s time and now) has never recruited as well as Ohio State, Michigan, or the majority of the SEC West schools, yet they were under CBB and are now competitive nationally. They beat LSU this year and have only lost to Michigan and Ohio State. I believe their record would have one or more losses playing our schedule, but they are a solid team.

Arkansas has shown potential for greatness, beyond Wisconsin, in the past. Our offense, run by Enos, when the running game is working can be as good of an offense as there is in college football. It will work in the SEC West. You can see if Ragnow comes back and Raulerson, Froholdte, Gibson, Jackson, Wallace, Merrick, etc. develop into stronger, better, players, this line can be very good. Reload a few receivers to add to our QB and our RB’s and this offense can be really strong next year.

This recruiting class appears to have the potential to be solid and far more talented than any Wisconsin has had in the past. There appears to be help on the way for the defense where we sorely lag behind the rest of the SEC West. When Robb Smith had NFL talent at key positions, he had a good defense. Bring the talent level up on defense and we can be competitive in the SEC West.

I don’t expect us to ever recruit as well as Bama, LSU, and Auburn but if we can shore up our recruiting in some key areas, CBB has proven he can take that kind of talent and be successful against higher recruiting teams. I am ready for all of that to happen, wish it happened right away, but am willing to be patient for a while longer. JMVVVVVHO.

I appreciate your posts for being realistic and fair. You make good points. I agree with your thoughts. Hope for continued improvement in recruiting, coaching, and ultimately results on the field.

I think that has been his goal all along. You nailed it very well.

This D is light years away from competing with Bama which is the only way to win the west

I don’t believe Smith is the answer and moves on

Of course better players speed matter but what we saw Friday was not close enough to acceptable against the worse team in the league

And the question is can he keep Enos from jumping ship when he faces a constant grind to produce 30 plus points a game to win because the D can’t make plays or get off the field?

I’m a Dan Enos fan. There have been some times this year where I thought he put AA in a tough spot or went away from things that were working but overall I’m a fan. Realistically, I know we won’t keep him for long.

I’m really not convinced on Rob Smith. I’m not saying he’s NOT the guy but I don’t have any confidence he is either. What I know is our D has been in the bottom of the conference the past 2 years.

I’d like to think that CBB can bring that Wisconsin style of toughness and blue collar to Arkansas and it become our DNA thread. I can put up with a lot of mistakes going 110mph as long as I see toughness and physical play. I think 2017 is a very pivotal year for CBB.

Well done, WPS

The only problem is the SEC, as a whole, recruits at a MUCH higher level than the Big 10 as a whole. Saban told Mal Moore when hired, “I may not be the best coach in America, but I am the best recruiter!”…trust me, that is what it is all about!!! and our staff is not working hard enough!

I disagree with you here. I figure our staff works plenty hard. RD and DD vouch for them and I have no reason to doubt their insight.

I just happen to think the staff isn’t especially good at recruiting and pales in comparison to the previous staff in evaluating talent.

There are two issues here. There is raw talent – size, speed, strength, things you can measure. Then there are intangibles, things you can’t measure. Football intelligence, motivation, things like that. If you don’t have the football intelligence to understand the defense you’re being asked to play in, for instance, you’re going to look weak and slow because you’re thinking instead of reacting. I guarantee you Nick Saban gets some people in his program who don’t have the intangibles either, but he has a lot more room for error than we do. Meaning he doesn’t have to play some of the people who don’t quite measure up.

Brooks Ellis has heart. He is a bit slow but plays with heart! Years ago a Tony Bua played with heart and would hit anyone and a tackling machine. He played with heart! It takes 11 on the field on offense, defense and special teams to play with heart! It takes fans with heart to support our team. Our team played with and showed heart in the Florida game and the coaches put emphasis on defense that whole week. Where was that effort the other games and the coaches! It does not talent to show effort and heart! The talent excuse is overrated I would agree with speed and size but not talent. We all go through life with the talent that God give us!
Together as a team it takes heart! This same team on defense was horrible last year and horrible this year. If it continues next year I would think that changes will take place. We have red shirt freshmen and the new recruiting class that should make an impact.

No…he cant and he will not

If we have ever had a staff struggle with CB, S, and LB evaluations worse than this one I sure can’t remember it.

Care to explain your thinking behind those comments? He did it at Wisconsin. Since the Big Ten has 4 teams competing to get into the playoffs, the tired old argument that the Big Ten is lots easier to play in than the SEC, may not apply this year. Is there something Wisconsin has that Arkansas can’t match? Has the coach that got Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl three years in a row just become stupid all of a sudden? I prefer to think that Arkansas was just a huge rebuilding job that is taking longer than he and we wanted to get right. You seem to prefer to think something different. Share it with us and let’s see if it stands up to the light of day. :smiley:

That’s the plan

I hope he can do it

It will take time and more patience than Arkansas fans have shown in the past