Can Black

Can Black be this perfect a guard… 6-7 and led Team USA in rebounds, assists, steals? Doesn’t need to be the center of the scoring attention but wants to facilitate others to score. Muss isn’t sleeping 15 minutes a night thinking about this team’s chemistry and abilities.


I don’t mean this in any way to be a slight to Anthony, but just by watching him a lot the last week I feel like he understood Team USA had several players who were a bit more skilled as scorers and he had no issue creating offense for them. Maybe my favorite part of his game from what I saw in Mexico was his want to hit the glass and ignite the break given he had terrific athletes all around him. He threw some incredible advance passes. I think those things will translate because of the way he attacks missed shots, and his basketball IQ. I didn’t see him force many plays. I’m more eager to watch him at Arkansas than I was maybe a couple weeks ago, and I was already intrigued. Loved what he showed defensively, too.


A great endorsement on his attitude which is seldom seen in today’s game, especially from someone so highly recruited. This type of play will go a long way to make this team special… I don’t think we lack offensive talent to take advantage of Black’s gifts and willingness to lead.


When I watched his video highlights most of his great shots occurred taking to the basket which I think he does very well and can finish very strongly despite his slender size. I don’t think he worries about shooting the 3 as much as he tries to penetrate drawing attention to himself then passing out to open shooters or occasionally just go ahead and attack the rim and try to score. We have been meeting someone who can penetrate like that and then dish out to wide open shooters, I think he is going to be the perfect PG as far as team first…me second.

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I have one concern about Anthony. Everything else, looks great - GREAT size for his position, strong instinctive rebounding, good handle, good quickness on D, 100% switchable on D, good hops with a little momentum, great ball mover, fantastic passer, sees plays before they develop and passes guys open…

My one concern (same as for the team overall) - outside shooting. He constantly passed up open looks and didn’t look confident shooting out there IMO. Free throws looked shaky too - pushes the ball more than shoots it. Easy to fix. I hope someone will work with him. Cade Cunningham-esque if he can work that out.

Note: I formed this opinion while watching all of his FIBA game minutes this past week.

I agree he does push his shot. Which is concerning. I think it can be fixed with time. I think he will be a defensive catalyst. Wish we had a prove knock down shooter on the team.

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The most disappointing thing to me was the lack of competition in the tournament.


Pretty much. Felt like Team USA got tested for 10-12 minutes total in six games. Mexico, which didn’t win a game in pool play, gave it more of a push in the first quarter of the quarterfinal round than either team the rest of the tournament.

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I was surprised that Argentina wasn’t better. I seem to remember they had some good young talent most years. I wonder if they just didn’t send their top talent this year? Maybe our group of players this year were just better than most years?

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