Can Ben Herbert motivate? (Video)

You decide: Sun Goes Down, Racks Go Up, Freaks Come Out

Man, I’m pumped now.

Pretty sure that is true freshman Austin Capps at the end throwing up 700 on the squat rack like it was nothing. Beast.

Damn! Who was the bearded guy near the end that made it look easy? Was that Capps?

Put me in coach!!

To me, he sure can sound like Houston Nutt. Something in the cadence maybe? It’s not all the time l but there are stretches.

He’s a bad man giving great instructions…

whoever that was, that was very impressive!!!

This man is such an asset to the Arkansas program! GO HOGS!

That is why he was the first Coach B brought with him.

Man, I love this kind of stuff.

That is what I recall. CBB insisted on having this guy on staff. Coach Herbert is around the players all the time, unlike the other coaches.

I know all top schools have great strength and conditioning programs. But, is Coach Herbert’s better? CBB thinks so.

Austin Capps - extraordinary.