Can BAMA play 4 quarters under pressure?

They haven’t had to. Their starters haven’t had to play all 4 quarters. I wonder if they would struggle if they had to. There hasn’t been much QB controversy because both have done well. WH article talks about both of these issues, which got me thinking. What if they did beat themselves? What it Tua comes out and throws a few picks, or the RB’s give up a few fumbles. What if They have to make a QB change? What if their starters have to play all 4 quarters?

I’m certainly not suggesting that AR is the team to cause this turmoil for Bama, but what I am suggesting, is BAMA hasn’t been tested, AT ALL. And they may NEVER be tested. But, I think it would be interesting to see how they would perform if tested, if under pressure. Will they look like bigger studs than they already do, or will they look prima donnas.

BAMA hasn’t really had to rely on mental toughness, because their physical toughness does enough. I wonder if they will have it when they need it?

Doubt that will be an issue with them this weekend or season.

You doubt that they will need to rely on their mental toughness this season, or you doubt that it would be an issue, IF they had to rely on it?

Just saying mental toughness isn’t an issue. They did play and win the NC vs. Ga in a tight game.

Yes. Simple answer.

They have played in 5 NCG’s in the last 9 years…and have played in 6 SECG’s in the last 10 years. They have a QB threat now that Saban has never had. They are more dangerous now than ever on offense. Saban preaches mental toughness.

Some talking head before the season said Alabama would be favored by 20 or 30 points in most, if not all, the games they play this season. Don’t believe he meant in the postseason, but possibly.

This is by far the best quarterback Alabama has featured. And, they are still good almost everywhere else, and maybe better at wide receiver. The one issue has been defensive depth. But it doesn’t matter if they are only having to play a little more than a half. You can score on their second team defense. That’s probably the difference and it could become a significant difference if there are some injuries. But, it won’t last long. The young players on the second team defense are great talents, just green. They’ll improve.

I love the optimism…