Can Arkansas Fans Enter the Transfer Portal

I’ve tried to remain supportive of Coach Morris, but I did not see a lot of “good” coaching decisions on the field last Saturday. Sure, I understand the low talent issue. But, eventually the coaches have to show that they’re helping to improve the team. What progress I saw against A&M seems to have melted away at Kentucky (and it was cold).

I can’t blame the student athletes for bailing…I’m thinking it too. Er, and I’ve been a fan for well over 50 years.

Basketball can’t get here fast enough.

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I believe some already have.

Also think there are some pot stirrers that were never fans, but every time I call them out, I get warned by the mods. Guess you can’t call a troll a troll.

Please do.

Daboar has entered the fan transfer portal.

You got it.

Big motivation in firing CBB was fear of fan, student, player, & booster apathy setting in if we did not make changes & turn around the program.

Hard to get motivated to drive up to NWA in anticipation of poor performance & embarrassing outcome. Would go up to watch the game with my son who is a UofA student, but he tells me much of the student body is no longer interested in attending the games.

Midway thru the 2nd season under CCM, apathy at the UofA is where we are as the football program continues to decline with little optimism for improvement.

Yes. I entered the transfer portal and found myself eyeball to eyeball with William Shatner. Told Scotty to beam me up but found myself at Swarthmore with Mama Cass.

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:joy: now that’s good stuff

Sounds like you were stuck in the Mud after a bad acid trip :wink:

I would rather fans enter the transfer portal than bash Ty’Kieast Crawford the way they have since he de-committed.

At this momen after talking to some folks around him, I still think he and Dixon might end up here.

But the fans going after him may close that door.

He made the de-commit in an emotional time while on a visit to Texas A&M with the Aggie coaches and players in his ears.

Dude is 17.

And before anybody asks, yes, losing is the number one reason he might not end up here.

Bashing kids on social media helps nothing. Plus it’s middle school. I SMH at folks at times.

And while I understand the comments about entering the transfer portal as a fan is tongue in cheek that’s not helpful either.

But old dudes like me are in the minority now.


Thanks Dudley. That clears up some thoughts on recruitment

No matter what the result is on the football field, basketball court, baseball diamond or any other venue a Razorback competes I am a hog fan!

FWIW, I was trying to lighten the mood with my previous post. Nothing more.

Dudley, this is interesting if even remotely true. If (somehow) Morris can hold together a functional recruiting class it signals that he does a better job of demonstrating some charisma in private settings than he demonstrates on the sideline.

Dudley, I frankly don’t know what these young men expect. You live by Twitter, you die by it. Can’t have it both ways. Yes, the idiots out there are prolific. They should not do it. But if these young men want to spend countless hours on social media hyping themselves and highlighting their accolades when times are good, then they should also be prepared for some real heat when, for example, decommitting after a bad UA loss. Way of the world nowadays. UA fans are pissed about everything right now. Doesn’t take much to set them off.

Let’s be real here. I’ve noticed that nobody has talked about the things that matter…which are big boosters’ apathy and financial contributions. That is where it matters the most. HY didn’t hire Morris, neither did any other AD or assistant AD. The “board” and those who financially contribute to such are the ones who made this choice and they will be the ones who term Morris if they see fit.

If you want to see a change…become a member of the party that matters, otherwise you’ll just grip about the current coach, and the next coach, and the following one.