Can Arkansas be the one to break this streak?

I don’t think we have the size. I think we are a sweet sixteen team and there is a reason we aren’t ranked in the top five preseason. I’m curious when there’s been a national champion that played small ball. I like that Muss says we play an nba style. And ya the nba is going toward positionless basketball it makes me think of the warriors pace and space. But the champions whether those warriors or last years bucks had some big dudes to bang, protect the rim, rebound, and matchup when needed. Can’t think of a small ball pace and space college champion either. I think we can win the sec, but winning six in a row vs the best of the best in March madness will be a TALL task

Just asking, but what big guys banging inside did Baylor last year, the 2018, or the 2016 Villanova teams have? Off the top of my head, I can’t remember tremendous size on those teams.

I do, however, remember great guards.

I get your point regarding an NBA championship, but the NBA playoffs is an apples to oranges comparison to winning the NCAAT. Multiple NCAAT champions have had great guard play coupled with serviceable forwards.


You can’t win a national championship without great guards. But you also can’t win a national championship getting killed on the boards every time you play a good team. So the question becomes whether Williams, Vanover and the 3-4 guys who are in that 6-5/6-7 range with a bit of muscle can hold up well enough.

It might be February before we have a really good idea what the answer will be to that question. You can’t get too excited one way or another by the first 15-20 games, unless we are hovering at .500. I think you have to wait to see how we do after SEC teams have a month to game plan us based on conference play, and we have enough time for Muss to tinker with the rotation and defensive plan after conference play starts.

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I was just looking at that 2018 uconn roster. We are sort of comparable. But they had spellman and paschal in the starting lineup. 6‘8 and 6‘9 both going for 260lbs and they had 6’9 backup roundtree who was a top 100 recruit. Not to mention their starting backcourt went 6‘3 6‘7 6‘5. So they didn’t have a 7footer but I don’t call that starting lineup small ball. I don’t know if the hogs will even have a front court so to speak or we will go 4 guards mostly.

Then Baylor had a lot of size on their roster but they did run with 4 guard a lot. But look at the size of their lineup, which we saw first hand last year push us around. Those were some big guards! And some even bigger forward to throw in the rotation. Although they did play small ball so to speak with their all guards lineup.

So I guess we can find some teams that are almost comparable in average heights and in style of play. But I do have concerns about the size of our guards for this style of play and if we have a front court rotation to go with Jwill when necessary. We will see. Maybe we will run and gun everyone out of the gym averaging about 120 points per game :crossed_fingers:

Toney averaged 6 rebounds per game against tough competition in ACC. Umude averaged 7 though obviously against weaker opponents. Devo will rebound well too. I think we will have enough muscle inside. Then you have Johnson (6.7) and Wade (5.6) to help off the bench.


I liked what i heard today about Kamani Johnson’s record of getting to the free throw line. If he can rebound and defend in the sec it will be huge

I’m also excited to see our big guard small ball lineup and see how big they can play because we know they can score. Could be interesting. Something like notae, devo, moore, umude, toney. I don’t know why but I have a good feeling about Chance Moore and I hope he puts on some weight and is as good as Toney and Umude by the end of the year. Hey why not?

Not sure why folks think we will be so small. We seem likely to put a crunch time lineup of something like Davis (6-4), Notae (6-2), Toney (6-6), Udume (6-7) and Williams (6-10). Lykes could also be in there depending on matchups. That will be plenty big for today’s college game. I would suspect we will outrebound our opponents for the year on averagte. This is nothing like 2 years ago when we had Adrio playing center much of the time at 6-5.

If we need to go even bigger, we can bring in Johnson at the 4, move Udume to the 3–not counting that we have a 7-4 guy on the bench. Size will not be a problem.


We have exactly the same size as we did last year plus Wade and we were pretty good on the rebounding numbers last year. Except at one position. That is Tate.

I have a feeling in late game situations or if we are behind, Devo becomes the PG and shares the backcourt with Jaxon Robinson.

Guards win nattys in college basketball, and we have as good a group of guards as anyone. That is all.

And about to get even better at guard in the near future… agree, the college game is more about great guard play than center.

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