Can anyone splain

How I can get on here and read and post on insider forum but can’t view articles because I need to “log in”?

The two systems don’t always mesh. Forums are built different. Meshing them with logins are extremely difficult. I have sat in meetings with developers as long as there has been the web and heard them explain that. And also that as software evolves on devices, the mesh becomes more difficult.

One of the things I miss the least about working is meetings with IT people over our sales systems.

I’ve had to call and have them put in a password a couple of times because I’ve been a member on this board for 20 years and never had to remember it up until now…I finally told them to give me a password I was going to remember so I can log in when it gives me that prompt.

THe issue is I go to wholehog sports website. It prompts a login and password. It has been logged in since I joined. I don’t recall ever having to enter a password in two locations and don’t know what other location I am supposed to go to login.

When you go to a story, look at the top of the page and above the WholeHogSports logo you will either see a message to “log out” or one that you need to “log in.” I suspect you will see the latter of those messages. If that is the case, log in with the same credentials you use to access the message board. They have separate log in cookies, but the same username and password.

If for some reason that does not work, email and someone from customer service will reach out to you.

Yea I log in and it says invalid log in, even though I log in here I’m good? WTH

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Completely off the topic, Danny, but my girlfriend and I went grocery shopping the other night and her last selection before we checked out was a box of Little Debbie honey buns to have with her morning coffee. I told her you would be proud.

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Same here, LD. I remember trying to concentrate when tech staff was presenting, but then my eyes would glaze over and a loud buzzing would begin in my ears. It was awful…

Jeff, she’s a keeper. Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:

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I found Little Debbie Christmas cakes at Harps. When I went back this last week, they were out. I tried to find them at my Neighborhood Market, but no luck. Next year I will buy more than one box at a time.

I did buy some Little Debbie honey buns for Christmas morning, so I’m good.

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Christmas Tree Cakes are in the top 10 in volume for the year and only available about 7 weeks in the year. Start baking (and freezing) them in July.

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