Can anyone recap

The articles on our seeding, opponents, game times etccause one can’t read squat on this site only because of the amazon ad Thx In advance

Very frustrating!!!

I gave up. Going to wait a few days. I’m tired of having to hit the back button 8-10 times. This includes videos. I got as far as the first 16 seconds of DVH talking.

Watch it here:


I used to never have problems with the pop-up, and now I cannot open an article without it happening.

I’ve not had a popup on this site, but I am starting to get them on others. Its just a matter of time before they make their way over here for me too.

I tried to read Matt’s article about “Five things…” on my phone. The Amazon ad came up every time & made it impossible. I don’t have the problem on this computer or my IPad. I don’t know why it only occurs on the phone, but if it starts happening on every article, I’ll stop reading them altogether. Y’all need to get that fixed.