Can anyone point to another state where the major newspaper fanatically refers to the flagship institution..............

… with their town added on? There ARE state flagship universities where the town name is part of their official name. Arkansas is NOT one of those but the Universities of Nebraska and Texas have Lincoln and Austin tagged onto their official names. Does ANY newspaper in THOSE states deliberately antagonize loyal fans with the unnecessary town in every reference to those schools? Anyone? Anyone? Beuhler?

At some point, if we don’t let them get away with this, it WILL become national news. There is a political conspiracy here and it is time to expose it for what it is. Now Wally and his ASU buddies are taking advantage of the anti-UofA attitude at the top of the Demozette to stir up the whining for ASU to play The UofA…again. Don’t let them get away with this! It is time to make them pay!

The AR-Dem-Gaz, Hawgs Illustrated and Whole Hog Sports are all owned by the same company. It’s basically a monopoly. I dropped my newspaper subscription last summer after 22 years. Not asking anyone else to do it but I did. It turned my stomach every morning and then I started skipping over the articles with the UAF reference. After a while, it was every article I wanted to read in sports so I let my subscription go. I miss it sometimes but not enough to stomach seeing it everyday.