Can anyone explain why the seats on the side are miles from the Vandy court?

I googled it and all I found was it was designed to also be a concert stage and somehow that dictated the weird arrangement for basketball. The bottom 2-3 rows of the side seats have their feet below the court for better viewing (not sure that is any big benefit myself) so maybe that dictates no teams on the side blocking their views. If they cared that much about those views, why did they not put those seats as close as possible to the action? The overall floor area is way bigger than needed for a stage. The playing court is 50x94 & the overall size appears to be 100x150. The Hollywood Bowl stage is about 60x110. I see no reason for the great distance from the court to the spectator seating on all four sides. Can someone 'splain it to me?

When they built it, they felt they had to make it more like a theater than an arena to satisfy the Vandy eggheads. Too late to fix it now.

They just made a dumb theater AND an even dumber Arena. I don’t believe there is a concert or theater stage in the world as big as that gym floor. Not only is there not another Arena that is arranged like that there are no theaters in the world with monster stage and equal tiers of seats on just 4 sides, no corners.

Agreed. It’s a fail on all counts.

And the team benches are at the end of the court, not the side right? :thinking:

Yes they are

Actually Barnhill is similar in that there are essentially no corner seats and has grandstands on fours sides.


The raised corner seating at Barnhill were some very good seats. I loved it when they had the band in one of the corners.

Barnhill Arena

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My seats were just next to the Band and real close to the noise meter. Actually I sat on the railing were the visitors went to their dressing rooms. I could have reached and touched some guy named Shaq’s head. LOL

Then the transition to the Bud was Isle 102 Row F seats 101 & 102!

Yes I was Row 7 on the railing by visitors ramp, Section A maybe? thought the band was opposite end. All visiting players had head down, eyes down leaving at the half up the ramp except- Phi Slamma Jamma. They were head up, eyes up, slow strut, and confident, of course. Then there was Benny Anders, toying with the fans while back court during free throws.

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