Can anyone explain this email obtained via FOI?

Long is asking one of his subordinates what he should tell Kurt Voight when asked about CBB’s future.

He ultimately declined to comment.

Kurt Voigt, the area’s AP writer, emailed Kevin Trainor, a long-time sports information guy at Arkansas, asking for an interview with Long a few weeks back. Was going to ask him about how he handles potential job searches, who he communicates with (boosters, his own staff) and Bret’s job security.

Jeff declined, apparently after reaching out to Chris Freet, a staff member, for advice on what to do. Kurt was told it was “arrogant” of him to ask for the interview.

Doesn’t look like an email from Jeff Long because he did not mention the GPA of the women’s hockey team and the fact that we are losing the right way.

“Arrogant” to ask for the interview.
Integrity goes a Long way apparently.

Arrogant? Really. Arrogant is exactly how the U of A athletic department treats contributors unless they need them to contribute more cash. OMG. Arrogant. Look up arrogant in the dictionary and check to see if Jeff Long’s picture pops up or his entire staff? Aloof and above it all and does not have the “common touch”.

Why wouldn’t somebody reach out to their own media relations staffer in this situation every time? That is the person who you e hired to give you guidance in these exact instances.

I don’t care if the writer asked for the interview. But I also don’t care that Long declined. That is both of their prerogatives. If the request really was as stated (for comment on how Long handles searches and Coach Bielema’s job security), I wouldn’t have done it either. He’s stated on numerous occasions (rightly so in my opinion) that he will not discuss coaching situations during the season.

Context is important. Voight is a very arrogant, gotcha type journalist. He’s always jabbing. So, while it isn’t arrogant to ask for an interview, per se, I can see how a frustrated program could think it was arrogant coming from him.

I’m sure media members, here, will rush to Voight’s defense (and again I have no problem with the interview request or asking tough ?s in the PC–just that the latter was clearly designed to troll) but I find him to be the worst kind of journalist.

He revels in the misery of others and always has jabs and “that guy” comments to make at every turn. Maybe I’m wrong. I thought he was the AP beat writer. It really seems like the only thing about the job he likes is being “that” guy.

All of the above! I cannot stand Kurt and I am glad that Jeff declined!