Can anyone do a comparison between Rawleigh Williams and David Williams?

I remember David Williams being the power back, I think, for South Carolina at one time. I have no idea how his size, speed, running style, quickness, etc. compares to Rawleigh. I am hoping someone with more knowledge can give us a little info. If he can pick up blitzing linebackers, get some tough yards in short yardage, have a little break away speed potential, and catch a swing pass or screen occasionally, he can be a real asset for this offense. When they came out of high school, I think they were both 4-stars, but that is all I think I know. Can anyone add to this?

I found this ESPN info: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … d-williams”></LINK_TEXT>s 4 star, 20th rated running back, 4.44 speed.

Here is the same info on Rawleigh: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … lliams-iii”></LINK_TEXT> 3 star

So does this mean David was the higher rated recruit?

I’m in no position to say what his strengths and weaknesses are, but I do know that yes he was the higher rated recruit. He also had a more impressive offer list.

His size makes me think he will be a good power back, but 4.44 is very good speed, a gear that RW3 didn’t have.

What stood out to me with RW3 was his vision and cuts, I always felt like he made very good cuts up the field. He wasn’t going to kill you with speed.

That was USC’s plan with him as well, a between the tackles back. It just never panned out. Hopefully it will here.

This is a thread discussing his transfer

A fun board to take a gander at from time to time

One is a proven stud in the SEC…a guy who’s been productive since he got here. The other was a highly rated recruit. RW was going to get 1000+ while sharing the load with Dev…new guy will be 3rd team insurance policy at best in my opinion.

If Dev stays healthy, he may make a run at 2000 yards. It’s him, two true freshman, a grad transfer who wasn’t very productive at SC, and a true soph that they’d prefer to be a slot receiver. Dev will get lots of carries IF he stays healthy.

Reading between the lines on this thread, Williams seems to be a bigger back that was not well suited for their HUNH Spread Option running game. Several seemed genuinely concerned that, with a fullback leading him through the hole, he may run for a lot of yards when Arkansas comes to South Carolina this fall. They complimented him on his pass protection of the QB, citing several devastating blocks on blitzing linebackers in the past. He sounds like he may be a little faster version of Kody Walker for us which would be fine with me. A healthy Devwah can be the prime back Rawleigh replacement with Williams giving him breathers and taking over on short yardage plays.

One other thing to remember. He was not brought in to replace RWIII. He was brought in as depth. The comparisons, while fun, are not apples to apples.

He appears to be a power back, something that Arkansas could use.

The important thing is he is a guy that has a ton of carries in SEC competition to help out what had become limited numbers here.

It is interesting that the USCe fans felt that the zone read option offense was not good for DW. They said that the holes were not good enough for a big back like DW. Many of them think that he should be in a power I offense. I think we have a steal here if a player of his measurables left a school because he was in the wrong offense and became disgruntled. He could find happiness and a perfect fit here in our offense to be a solid 1-2 punch with Whaley. Conversely he could turn out to only be decent depth.

I think we may be pleasantly surprised.

What Rawleigh had that is almost impossible to measure or compare are the intangibles. We know his intangibles are off the chart. The ability was there, and I’m sure Williams has ability, too. Can he match what Rawleigh provided off the field, in the huddle and on the practice field and in the locker room? That’s what made Rawleigh special.