Can anyone confirm that Bielema said this?

Jimmy’s notes from today’s newser indicate that he did say that.


Can we get a participation list from all the games?

TJ Hammonds had 3 carries for 22 yards against FAMU

Why is Bielema lying?

I believe he’s played in every game…albeit sparingly.

You’re correct. … season.pdf

So when CBB says that he has missed 4 games due to injury, he is not telling the truth. I’m sure he just misremembered.

Or he misstated it without meaning to mislead or he was misquoted. This is easy enough to fact-check. I doubt he intentionally lied about it.

I understand you don’t want him to be the coach, but let’s cut him some slack on this. He doesn’t have a reputation for lying. I won’t assume he lied about this.

Jimmy Carter’s recap of the presser was different. He reported that Bielema stated Hammonds availability was limited because of the injuries.

Remember that Hammonds did have knee surgery in the last 2 weeks of prep for the season - minor but still had it. At that time they weren’t sure if he would be ready to play for the first game

And that makes much more sense.

Then it’s a totally different conversation all together. It’s why I asked to confirm.

Do we have the audio?

Not a BB fan, but this may be a classic case of what was said vs. what was heard vs. what was reported. I call it “defining your terms.” I say X had surgery and that affected his availability for 2 games. You interpreted that to mean I said he was unavailable for 2 games. That wasn’t what I was saying. You are not being disingenuous, I am not either.

I had an employee once answer a question of “do you have a recycling contract with any company” with a “yes.” We did not. We had a SHREDDING contract with a company that did recycle the paper. In her mind, that was a “recycling contract.” She wasn’t lying. The two parties where using the same terms with different meanings. Easy to do in verbal communications.

Most likely the case. I’m looking for the audio and will gladly issue a mea culpa if I was wrong to trust what Bo said

Geez! Let’s form a mob and go after the guy!

CBB is feeling the heat and responding the best he can. How would you do under the same circumstances?

In the big scheme of things, does it really matter?

“Prohibited his ability to play”
11:30 mark

I’m happy to give coach the benefit of the doubt here. Bo’s tweet is misleading IMO

Even here CBB just misused a word. I think he meant “inhibited.” Agree the tweet is misleading.

I paraphrase most of the press conference live blog, but did have the prohibited line in there. His exact quote:

“Really felt good going into our opener, there was quite a few plays that were designed to go to him and be good, but he unfortunately, we didn’t make a big deal of it at the time, he had a knee surgery that prohibited his ability to play probably for the first two games. For sure the first two games, really betting on three. Then I think, if you go back and review your notes, I did document that he unfortunately had a foot that got stepped on, which limited him through 2 more games.”

So he was limited for 4-5 games, but still apparently healthy enough to play in all of them.

Thanks so much Jimmy. Yes “prohibited” is not the right word, but I believe we can chalk this up to misspeaking and not intentionally misleading on CBB’s part. Sorry I started the thread.

me too. Totally without a point.

His vocabulary isn’t great, ha.

That aside, I think we can all probably agree they’ve vastly underutilized their most explosive player, even taking injuries into consideration. David and Devwah are nice backs. T.J. is on another level, better even than Chase, probably.