He actually looked good in that first inning and only left 1 pitch in the middle of the plate. I really liked the changeup for his first K! With 2 K’s in the first inning he may get some rhythm.

he is very sharp today,I think he is really rounding into form just at the right time.

If Campbell gets his act together consistently, that last week of June becomes a lot more realistic.

You have that right! I just hope Van Horn pulls him before anything negative can happen today. Campbell needs to gain confidence.

He might have been thinking the same thing. Pulled him after 5 giving up no runs. He’ll be the winner absent some catastrophe.

It just seems like Scroggins was over throwing a little. That caused the wild pitches. It stinks to get a K and that batter end up at first base. Free outs come back and hurt you! Lee was batting practice for one hitter. Jake needs to put this inning away without anymore damage.

The old 1-6-3 double play always helps put out the fire

Yeah, that little “routine” DP was nice, Sure limited the damage. I’d still feel better if we could add about 2-3 more runs.