should be done as a starter unless you go into game with mindset he will only be good for 2 maybe 3 innings. DVH has given Campbell chance after chance after chance he has pitched 1 good conference game all year. He just isn’t a good SEC pitcher unfortunately!

Fine as starter but not beyond about 50 pitches

i thought he was great today but just ran out of Gas I guess.I saw a much improved pitcher and see hope for him now which I didn’t coming into today


I watched the radar gun today and his velocity is still not back to where it was for that Kentucky game. I don’t think he’s hurt, but I don’t think he’s 100 percent either.

I thought he was fine overall

Biggest thing was giving up two hits when he had 2 strikes

And I mean on 1-2 and 0-2 counts

Those were killers. Just when I thought he had them (the batters), they got big hits.

I thought I saw him it 94. If anything I think he got a little predictable with 2 strikes and they took the outside fastball the other way a few times and hit them where we weren’t.

It snowballed on him quickly as it has at times.

Matt it not only velocity but also location! Others have mentioned pitch count but 50 pitches seems about right at this point.
He may get better but it’s too late in the season to plan for him to give you a 5 to 7 inning start. He is fully capable but not right now!
If he would have been pulled at the end of 4 it sure would have been a confidence boost for him.

You can’t leave a 1-2 pitch over the middle of the plate. He starts the game at 94, but he doesn’t stay there. I think he’s just lacking overall strength after taking a year off. He was shut down earlier this year and that cost him some strength, too. He’s going to need to pitch all summer, then build up to next season. He is draft eligible and someone may give him enough money to tempt. But he’s really probably in need of his redshirt junior year and he’ll still have bargaining power.

That’s why he should be coming out of the pen Clay. Maybe as a bridge to Reindl, Loseke, or Cronin?? What you you think?