Campbell won't pitch at Ole Miss

Isaiah is suffering from some inflammation in his throwing elbow. Here is more: … -ole-miss/

IMO Rutledge has electric stuff!! not sure how long he could go would be the problem,I could see him being a dominant starter

Was this a factor in his performance against UF?

DVH said it a little arm stiffness but he’s been very inconsistent and I can tell DVH is not going to put up with much more of that…I really Rutledge is our 2nd best but his arm not real sound either.

It could have been. Dave was asked about it today:

“You know, didn’t know he was having any issues at all until the next day. His elbow is just bugging him a little bit. So we had it looked at, precautionary, so we’re going to give him a week off. I guess to answer your question, didn’t know during the game, didn’t know after the game. We didn’t know until the next day.”

Is McKinney done for the year? No mention of him lately.

You must have not read the story linked, because I wrote about him. He is not out for the year.