Campbell out of the bullpen

I think Arkansas’ moving Isaiah Campbell to the bullpen this week is intriguing. If he pitches like he’s capable, he becomes an asset on the back end.

There also is the freedom to use him multiple times in a series instead of holding him for the final day.

Matt that could help Campbell. At least I hope so. Maybe facing just a few batters could help him gain confidence. But who starts in his place? With Cronnin questionable I would imagine Reindl and Loeske will be the ones to close out games.
There are options but it’s really a guessing game right now.

I would imagine Sundays become a staff effort for the time being.

I like it. I also like a staff effort with our pitching staff.

yeah we got to get somebody in there on Sundays besides him,really don’t who…I like loseke in that spot because of his swing and miss stuff so we will see

Hmm, not sure if I like this. If he starts and isn’t on, you have 7-8 innings to get back in the game, if it’s late in a tight game, then you’re sunk if he isn’t on.

We’ve had several pitchers who’ve come in & had no control. Fortunately, that hasn’t been too much of a problem most of this year. The 2nd game against UF is a notable exception. Every pitcher was wild last Sunday—at least until we got to Lee, Reindl, & Loseke. The real problem is that we’re just short of pitchers right now—at least if Cronin is out & Campbell is wild.