Campbell named starter for Sunday’s game.

This was announced on the post game show on the IMG Razorbacks Sports Network.

well if he’s on he is really good but in that environment I just don’t know.

Hope he is on and that we score a lot of runs. Question marks in the bullpen for today.

Nobody is better than Campbell when he’s on, but none worse when he’s off. It seems he has trouble forgetting if he allows a long hit, especially if it follows a walk. He can be sailing along then miss on one pitch & he’s finished.

Today would be a great day for another KY type outing. If he can do that, I think we can score enough runs to win the game.

I’d love to jump on LSU early. Take an early 3-4 run lead to get into their BP. Problem is, without Cronin I’m not sure how reliable our BP will be today. Bonin & Ramage & maybe Evan Lee. I’m scared of Rutledge. Loseke might have an inning left.

Folks it’s not the end of the world we need to hope Campbell has his good stuff. I think he will!

look nobody said it was the end of the world! reality is he’s been very inconsistent and hard to feel good about him,we all saw the Kent, game but that’s been about it…walks people and FB looks to not have much movement…maybe he’s on we need him too,you act like being concerned is we are freaking out…I look at reality not hope too.