Campbell Just Outstanding Thus Far

Nice pitching performance last eve by Isaiah; another 7 strong innings against a pretty good hitting ball club. He now has an ERA of .203 and a WHIP of .88 (Wow). In fact, Ole Miss has a team slugging percentage of about .500 against right handed pitchers…Isaiah stuffed them except for 1 solid hit. What I really liked was seeing him keep his composure together after Miss scored two runs. He was ice out there…couldn’t have said that last year or clearly during his freshman season. Huge progress in his 2 1/2 seasons.

yes he is maturing as a pitcher this year he once again didn’t have his best stuff but he was able to work through it and make the pitch that he needed to make at the right time.

I am impressed. He has developed into the dependable Friday night starter I was hoping for.

He was able to pitch well out of the stretch again unlike last year.
Campbell is tough and he is showing it! He needs to provide some leadership to young pitchers on the team.