Campbell is dealing!!

he is absolutely on fire I love how he started throwing the breaking ball out of the stretch I had wondered if that might be what he should start doing and boy it has been unbelievable! Unhittable.

He was absolute outstanding today!
Glad our bats woke up enough to give him some support.

That HR Kopps gave up is huge, considering that Cronin has now loaded the bases.
Needs to close this thing out!
Way to go Cronin! Strike out to secure the win!!!
Way to go Hawgs!!
Now let’s take game two!!

That is prorbaly the best Campbell has pitched since the Kentucky game last spring. He really showed some command with 13 K’s and 1 BB’s.
Kopps just got too much of the plate on the homer ball! He sure had a good bounce back. He’s not in game shape yet. The hogs need him to gain some confidence before conference play!
Cronnin just had one of those innings you hate. Lead off excuse me lucky single to right, a oh well did I step alive slow roller that dies in the grass toward third base and a BB where on 1-1 pitch it sure looked like a strike and also another pitch prior to the walk. Then he come back with gas to complete the 3k’s in the inning. It’s never easy but it’s a hogs win and a save for Crootin.