Campbell got to bring his best

I’m sure he’s anxious to show the Gators he’s not the pitcher they saw the last time… we really need him to be spot-on and give us 5 or 6 innings

Campbell will get the job done. The defense needs to support him and be solid.
I just hope our offense score early and often and puts the game out of reach! Keep scoring every inning.

We usually know quite early if Campbell has it or not. I think he has something to prove & I also think he has a great supporting staff & friends in the AR pitchers group to encourage him.
Look for him to bring the heat.

When Campbell is on he has the best stuff on the staff just has to challenge The Zone and hope he gets the calls

Campbell has good stuff; his issue is normally about control. This is a game whereby he needs to have confidence in his “stuff”, do his best to throw strikes, and rely on his teammates for solid D behind him and run support.

Both pitchers–Campbell and Singer–should be motivated to prove to the other team they are better than their previous appearances. But it’s not about motivation; it’s a matter of filling up the strike zone and giving their teams a chance to win. Based on season stats, Florida would have the edge with Singer. But it’s not about season stats, either. One game to either advance to the title series or to force another game. Hope Campbell is on, but also hope the bullpen is ready to pitch five or six innings.