Campbell deserves a little love tonight . . .

I’ve been pretty skeptical of him “breaking through” his usual pattern of pitching 2 to 4 innings and then having his wheels come off in a blink. That’s been what he’s done - a lot - since he’s been here. And I posted about that.


But tonight, he weathered a Keystone-cops inning that was 90% NOT his fault (the one bad throw to first base was), and then came back and threw very well. That’s an important step for both Isaiah, and our team. Good to see him “break through”. Hope it’s the start of a new pattern this season. We need him to be resilient.

I agree. I don’t remember exactly when he came out (with 1 out in the 6th?), but he wasn’t rattled by that one bad inning. Last year he would’ve been even though he didn’t pitch badly during it. What’d we have, two errors that inning?

Regardless, I was happy with Campbell tonight. It was a big win for us. If Noland can have a good outing tomorrow, we have a very good chance to sweep. That’d be awfully nice.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen him get through a tough spot and come back and be effective like that before. That makes me feel better than watching him pitch 5 perfect innings then sit honestly.

It looked like he still struggled keeping the ball down when pitching out of the stretch, but it was better. And it had to be a huge step forward from a confidence stand point.

He doesn’t have to be perfect, we just need someone that can hand the ball off after 5 or 6 innings with the lead or at least a 1 run game. “Just” lol. I guess that’s easier said than done. Proud of his work tonight.

A positive step in the right direction! Confidence is built by overcoming accessory. Knopps also do a job job inducing ground balls to get the double play that was turned in the 8 inning.
Campbell will be fine. I would like to see him win 12 to 14 games.

DVH showed a lot of confidence in Campbell by putting him back out there after the bad inning. Really glad to see him make the most of that confidence.