Camp practices?

Has Coach B decided to go back to two a day practices or has he made a decision yet?

He has not made a statement regarding that yet

He needs too. I point to our notorious slow starts.

I don’t have a critiquing ax to grind here, having never been a coach; But, - like many of you - I’m deeply concerned about the established pattern of slow starts to the seasons. I should think that the coaching staff would not wish to endanger the overall health of the players by an overly vigorous, protracted practice schedule in elevated heat conditions. Conversely, a slow, measured regimen of fall camp preparation could very conceivably constitute a key factor in a potentially substantial degree of physical AND mental unpreparedness come September.

It’s Coach Bielema’s call; he’s being well paid to make that call. - - - I sure hope that he gets it right.

CBB is well aware of the slow starts with his teams here, and has made mention of this. I truly believe he and this staff will adjust however they deem fit to be better prepared early, making vital use of practice time allotted. Last year may have been an experiment and who knows he may follow that schedule again to some degree, but this team will be ready to play come September.

Personally I feel the resent slow starts are a result of the unpreparedness of the OL. That problem hopefully has been eliminated.

Two a days didn’t have anything to do with our start, lol. We had them, we used them for kicking/special teams practice, and eliminated that period from the regular practice. The NCAA mandates that we can’t have two pad practices in the same day, and also the number you can have per week. We also used some of those “allowed” two a days to do extended teaching. We used the time, just not to what the old timers did back in the their days, lol.

IMHO, the return of both the OC and the DC is far more important to a fast start to the season than having two-a-days. This will be the first year CBB will have both returning. Double digit wins, here we come!


The NCAA only allows 29 preseason practices. CBB used 28 last year.

I’m with Harley. Continuity was the likely culprit. Also, we completely moved the line around last year two weeks before first game. That will be different this year. We will soon find out. Don’t believe practice was the issue.

I just think last year the practices was not so much of the problem, it was looking like we were not physical up front and we couldn’t bully people like we needed to…

Anyone ever consider that the elimination of two a days was partly responsible for our strength at the end of the season?

Last season’s start was all about not being on the same page and key injuries. I think having returning Coordinators is a real difference maker.