Cameron Ball to Arkansas

Just now


Wonderful news!


Very quick off the ball and can run! WPS!

Very nice pick up!

Huge signing! So happy to see these D line pickups.

Yabba Dabba Doo!

Great to see him as a Hog & that he is excited about being at Arkansas.

There was a lot coverage about him on the forum. As a 3*, is he that good of a prospect & highly touted by scout reports?

Need Coates back too. Hopefully whatever is going on with him will be fixed so he can participate in weight program and spring training.

Awesome was sweating that one.

Hardest thing to do is tell how a DL will do, such an enormous difference in strength and technique than what they have seen, he has great potential is all I will say, the JC DL we got probably has a better chance at immediate impact because he has played in the toughest Juco league in the nation

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