Camera well door

Sunday’s game in the ninth inning, the camera well door was open and allowed the ball to go out of play which gave UIC a run and moved the runner up one base. Who is responsible for keeping it closed? Not much has been said about it.

Camera well door operator is my guess.

I wonder what the reaction would have been if we had been playing Ole Miss and that put the Rebnecks up by a run. It should not count the same as when a ball goes in the dugout since that has an opening and is permanent and everyone knows that is the rule. This may fit in that same type of rule but I’m not familiar with it.

They ruled it same as going into the dugout since the ball left the field and was out of play. Probably don’t have a specific rule for this since probably not every field has a camera well with gate facing the playing field. Plus common sense is that the gate would be latched closed during live play. It was just an oopsie by somebody, either field or camera crew. Umps had to go with the only rule that would apply, dead ball out of play, so runners get to advance a base.

As I mentioned in the game thread, I’m sure it was addressed to responsible party after the game and won’t happen again this season.

If the ball goes into the camera well, or the dugout, or the stands, same rule applies whether a door is open, or whether the ball hopped over the fence, or sailed into the stands on the fly. It would also apply, for example, if a pickoff throw wound up trapped behind the tarp roll, which I have seen happen.

Still would have been funny to see the crowd reaction if it had been Ole Miss. I’m not sure if the camera man or the umps would have been in more trouble. :astonished:

I bet some direct & strict rules have been laid out for proper operation of camera well doors

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