Cam Little prepares game balls

Maybe Arkansas baseball could get him a side job preparing baseballs for Mizzou.


A graduate of the Tom Brady School of Football Massage and Conditioning.

Cam Little still looks like he’s about 16.

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I get the first picture but trying to understand the purpose of the 2nd one….is he giving the ball a facial? Sorry….little slow today.

It’s a texture thing…you should have seen the footballs Steve Little, Russel Erxleben and Tony Franklin used to boot their moonshots with. To say that they were “well worn is” is a tremendous understatement.

Yes…kickers are a different breed…

(ex-kicker here)


He must be doing something right with them because He don’t miss many.


I’d say Cam getting as close and comfortable with those pigskins as
he can would seem to be a major mental benefit if nothing else.
Nothing wrong with getting as personal with the counter-object that’s
going to help you become a future millionaire IMO.

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That appears to be the same mud that has been used to condition every baseball used in the majors. Comes from a river in New Jersey

Y’all sure that’s mud?

They looked more like rugby balls. Worn, a little misshapen. Cam is trying to get as close as he can to that ideal within the current rules.

Thanks Wiz!

Little clearly got snubbed by the SEC media for preseason all-conference recognition. Based on 2021 performance, Cam is clearly one of top 2-3 kickers in the SEC. Mevis (MO) is probably the best, not Reichard (AL).
Not sure what the purpose of a pre-season, individual award is anyway. Ridiculous that SEC media dopes recognized the WR/KR dope from TAMU who was sitting in jail on DWI, gun, and drug charges. (Will be interesting to see how Jimbo handles that situation.)

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Go figure. DWI, gun, and drug charges against TAMU’s Ainias Smith dropped.

The ESPN author needs to put his bong down before he writes another article. The blood alcohol limit in Texas is 0.08%, not 0.8%. Smith’s BAC of 0.66% would be a lethal concentration.

Hope this sends a clear message to his teammates that drinking and driving in the middle of the night with weed and guns in your car is cool and there are no consequences. See ya in Arlington, bro.

No surprise that Smith was cleared. Money is the loudest talker present.

I’ll put little up against anybody, he’s good from 60+way more times than not. I don’t know about those other guys, but I do know about him. I think he hit 67 one time in practice

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