Calm on the Hill

I had heard that today would bring doom and gloom, or at a minimum a significant amount of change. I would think there would be some coming and going over the next month, but today was not what some had led us to believe it would be. Thats a relief, not calling anyone out. I checked the boards several times today expecting an axe to drop, but for today at least, there has been nothing unexpected.



A lot of movement has yet to be reported. Rest assured, CSP is taking charge.
UA…Campus of Champions

In addition to Slusher, only Hornsby & Erin Outlet, a RS TE. Nothing worrisome so far.

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I’m great with Coach Pittman, taking charge. I’m happy today that it doesn’t appear that the changes were out of his control.

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Will be interesting to see what happens over the next couple of weeks.

The players have exit interviews with Pittman throughout the week. I think we’ll probably hear of some other players who will transfer as those continue, and the transfer portal does not open until next week.


The term “exit interview” is likely to be very true for some of those being interviewed that we have not heard about yet. In the current state of the college football world, some of those will be voluntary, some will not.

I was glad to see most everyone being classy so far and thanking Sam Pittman and other coaches for the opportunity. Even if someone else had to encourage the kids to post those messages, it’s good that they are learning how to leave a job gracefully when things just don’t work out. Maybe watching the way most of the guys handle being cut on “Hard Knocks” is sinking in to younger players.


Also, don’t forget that during some exit interviews, Sam may suggest that the portal may be what’s best for the player. And if that’s the case, we will never hear about that from Coach Pittman.


I certainly believe that Sam will do what’s in the best interest of every player on our roster, wether that means stay or go. Coach makes me think it would bother him tremendously if he didn’t do his best for the guys leaving if they wanted his input. I’m sure when these guys signed on with the Hogs that Sam expressed to their parents that he would do everything in his power to help them be successful and he’s a man of his word I truly believe. WPS

A year ago, Sam was doing a lot of upselling to the players. Those who, given another year in the program, did not progress into a contributor will know they won’t get the upsell this time around. As it should be, good or bad.

Jaccori Turner as well. Meetings with players happening the next three days.

Heard there are going to be quite a few Aggies in the portal. This year it’s becoming real that the portal (like pro free agents) is where you fill in holes, at the expense of getting the best 4 or 5 stars out of high school.

With few exceptions, I think HS recruiting is about to become an afterthought. No need to recruit someone who projects to be good in 2-3 years.


That would have big impact on strength and conditioning programs too.

There are rumors of forthcoming de-commits from our top recruits out there.

Hate it, but not surprised. But nobody gets a 3 or 4 year commitment. At best they get a one year commitment. Even under the old system kids de-committed. Hard to know if our fall to 6-6 hurts us badly

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Our losses to Liberty and Missouri hurt us badly. We are trending down and not up unfortunately.

Which commits? I’m out of the loop, spent the week taking care of sick kids until they took me down with them. :rofl: :joy:

I’m waiting to see what actually happens.

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