Calloway stepping away from football

Calloway posted this on his Instagram page this morning:

To God be the glory :slight_smile:

Last year I stepped away from 9 1/2 years in the Navy to pursue my desire and calling in pastoral ministry. Many didn’t understand because I was successful in their eyes in what I was doing but I knew that God had greater for me and that my season was up in Navy. Regardless of it others understand or not you have to do what God has called you to do not what others want you to do.

Lots of turmoil in those words in his Instagram post.

Thank you baby Jesus for answering prayer.

Wishing the young man the best as he moves forward whether it be with or without football in his life. Praying that there isn’t a serious health issue that he is facing.


Honestly, this was a surprise to read because you’ve been pretty vocal about your displeasure of the program/coach. Thank you for pursuing a career in a very difficult job for this day and age. This world needs more faith.

Respect. Loads of respect for you.

Nothing but respect for Mr Calloway.
As long as he is happy.

I think at some point, a young man has to decide what he really wants to do. Getting a shot at playing in the NFL seems like a dream come true. But, maybe it isn’t for everyone.

We had a kid in my home town that went to tOSU and played for Woody Hayes. He was a two time All-American, got drafted by the Steelers, went to opening camp, and quit. He said he didn’t want to play football anymore. He’s now a very successful business man.

Calloway seems to be thinking ahead. I hope he finds what he is looking for.

He could make millions in the NFL and be miserable, or he could follow as the Lord leads, make very little and be immensely happy. I know I left a $20-per-hour job for the ministry 20 years ago and wish I had done it 10 years earlier.

I know the feeling :slight_smile:

I’m not subscribed to Instagram and could not read his entire statement.

Can someone put that on the board?

What was his reason for ‘stepping away’? Geeze, one of our highest rated secondary players - it’s not enough that we are struggling with a leftover roster…

Here is what the picture of the note he posted read:

“I’ll never quit on God and his plans come before mine. At the end of the day when God moves he’ll do things yourself or others won’t understand. “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” You have to do what’s best for you and look out for yourself. Many may not understand and many may be negative but who are they… The situations I’m dealing with is a lot bigger than football. Through prayer and a lot of thinking, taking a step back from ball is what’s best for me. My choice was either dealing with this unhealthy situation & making a sacrifice living up to other people’s expectations or listening to my heart, gut, spirit of discernment and what I know is best for me despite others opinions.”

Playing division 1 sports is tough. My daughter married a division 1 baseball player and it was a full time job with school added. The pressures are real. My son in law loved baseball and enjoyed his time with Arkansas LR but it was work. Who knows what young Mr. Calloway is going through but I wish blessings on him and his family. He sounds like a man who knows his priorities.