Calloway confirms

he’s leaving the program.

Maybe you can comment on this, Richard.

I’ve heard that at some point later in the year (recently), Calloway’s camp wanted to discuss a return to Arkansas, but our side (coaches) were not interested.

Any truth to that?

I was told they made contact with Morris late Nov. and waited to hear back. He made the decision today to leave.

All the best to Calloway.

Thanks for choosing to be a Hog.

He’s supposedly already in the transfer portal, so it was made earlier, or so it would seem.

Should say he made the decision to go public.

I know Texas and Baylor could be landing spots.

Was it because he didn’t like the new coaches or that they wanted him to move to nickle back? Were the rumors about the ministry ever true? I am outside the loop.

This has to be the most transfers I’ve ever seen at Arkansas.

Can’t play favorites in this business. For what ever reason he lost focus here early this year.
Wish him the best.

Are you saying that’s a bad thing?

Not at all, most were not gonna see very much playing time.

For those players that weren’t going to play where the staff needed them the highway is a good option. Just dead weight with talent. I hope the young man finds playing time that satisfies him! More of the “I” thing.

Agree. We need players that put the team first.