Calling on Clay

Clay the venom of football season continues. You think you could throw us a good Orville story to mellow things?

Do you mean one of his stories? Or just something that I remember?

I can tell you about the time that I spent six hours in the sun cutting out weeds from the front yard with a digging tool. It was 95 (the temperature not the year). I had done something wrong, probably bring home bad grades or fail to take out the trash (although it was probably something much worse – maybe thrown a golf club). I just can’t remember.

I had to lay out the weeds on the sidewalk so he could make sure I had gotten the tap roots. Just so you know he wasn’t mean, he brought me water when he came outside to ask if I was sorry for what I’d done.

I will say that our yard at 1821 Fair Park was the best looking yard for miles.

We need more dads like Orville. Our world would be better.

Great story.

NOT Clay but to add a little.

ARE YOU sure you got every tap root??
DID he double check?

BTW you had it pretty easy. I was made to mow the yard with one of the OLD push, no motor mowers. Or what every they were called. WE had a mower but dad made me use that blade mower. HE said you can use what I used when I was your age. He even walked the 1 .2 acres we lived on to check my work. All I was doing was praying he had not started drinking yet. LOL

Another one was I asked to drive the Opel Kadett. Baby blue. Well I had to wash the car after driving it and got it ready for inspection time from my dad. Dad saw one spot and he kick me in the behind and said to wash it again. He also said why not had wash it. Not to far from the house was a new car wash. so I just took it back and washed it again. Dad did his inspection and noticed I had left. He then said wash it again buy hand like I said. Mercy that car was clean. I got an OK after 3 washings. LOL