Calling it like I see it...

  1. Offensively they have no clue how to get playmakers the ball in space to create. The game is about creating mismatches and taking advantage of it.
  2. Secondly, when something isn’t consistently working please throw away that play for the rest of the night.
  3. Why do we have Hammonds and make no attempt to get him involved. Pretty please put him back on kickoff return. I don’t want to hear anything about ball security because Stewart’s ball security is iffy at best.
  4. Why are we consistently switching our offensive lineman positions?
  5. Defense looks improved but still need better athletes

It’s perplexing to hear all this rhetoric about the speed of Hammonds, Hayden, Jones, and Stewart and having no clue how to get them the ball in space. Stewart is just our after thought at return. (We take no consideration to this position when recruiting)i.e. see KaVontae Turpin 5’9" 153. Hayden got to touch the ball 2 times, the other two were innocent bystanders.