Calling Fred......BA off to a good start

5 for 7 60yds and a TD to start…in the NFL. Wish we still had him after seeing our current QB play.

He made a couple of really nice passes on that first drive, including a 19-yard slant on third-and-11.

Happy Dad(Bobby) in the stands as BA just threw a 75 yd TD pass…They showed him grinning ear to ear

BA is also their leading rusher so far.

Oh man!! I wish BA was our QB this year!!!

He’s my hero

Haha just messing with ya Fred, although where we stand today those days don’t seem to bad

I actually picked him in my DraftKings contest today. I expected an above average showing.

How’d he do.? It’s not on here.

7-13 125 yards 2 TD’s 16 yards rushing. 6:00 left 3rd qtr

They just switched us to the end of the game.

Victory formation, Broncos win

Allen finished 12-of-20 for 193 yards and 2 touchdowns. He got to take three kneel downs at the end of a 24-19 victory.

QB rating of 125.6…that’ll work!

Brandon played well. He didn’t turn the ball over, made good decisions and threw tight, spiraled darts all day. He was impressive. CBS kept showing Bobby, Austin and a young guy who looked like an Allen.

This is Brandon’s opportunity to show what he can do. Joe Flacco is out for the year.

Good chance Flacco is out for good, and not because of the neck injury