Called the Hogs at a restaurant

… last night.

I’m in Monroe LA for several days of dog shows. We went out to eat at a dive, but good stuff. There was a live band playing and the lead guy wanted to know where people were from. I told him, “Arkansas”. He said, yeah, but you are an LSU fan, right? (I had on a purple shirt as that’s the color that winners get.) I told him, no, I’m a hog fan. He still challenged me, so I just called the hogs. He decided that I am for real. :smiley:

Where did you eat? I live across the Ouachita river in West Monroe…

Riverside Coney Island. The night before we went to Trapps. We’re at the Civic Center for the shows. Tomorrow should be interesting, it is pajama day and many of the handlers will be in their PJs.

I wonder of Ray’s Pee-Gee is as good as it was 40 plus years ago. And Johnny’s Pizza (sweep the kitchen)? Or the Mohawk Tavern?

Went to Louisiana Tech 1969 to 1971 (transferred to the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville :roll: School of Architecture because it was accredited and LaTech’s wasn’t) and loved going east to the Mohawk Tavern on a regular basis during my two years there. Haven’t been back since. Glad to hear it is still there.

:roll: Aren’t you glad I followed the Demozette Editor’s lead and made sure you didn’t get confused about which UofA School of Architecture I meant? Oh, wait! There is only one! Just like there is only one UofA school that plays in the SEC, that is called “The Razorbacks”, that is currently playing in the SEC baseball tournament, etc. so saying Fayetteville is redundant! How stupid is that?!?!?!

Both Riverside Coney & Trapps are good, especially if you like crawfish this time of year. Great view of the river at Trapps. Try the Mohawk next time–it’s a couple blocks from the river on Louisville Ave.

Ray’s PeeGee is still open out past ULM & is still good. I know the couple who runs it. Mohawk is still alive & well, and is just as good as ever but probably has same walls & decor as it did in the 80’s.

I had a home in Ruston Louisiana from the mid 70’s to the mid 90’s and frequented the restaurants & dives in Monroe often. Those named (Mohawk Tavern, Ray’s Pee-Gees, Johnny’ Pizza sweep the kitchen) were great but nothing could top the coneys from City Coney Island when it was run by Pete Kovata and his wife. The dogs were very addictive…I think he had something illegal in his chili.