Call me nuts (probably true) but I only know of 2 trophies

Lots of talk about 3 trophies… what’s the 3rd trophy.

I know the Battle Line vs Missouri and the Boot vs LSU.

What’s the third? If I had to guess I’d say maybe something with TA&M down in Jerry World because that was started before they were in the SEC but I just don’t remember a trophy there?

Someone enlighten me.

Yeah it’s the aTm trophy. Southwest classic or some such

Southwest Classic is the third trophy

Is that an actual trophy that we can put in the trophy case?

Evidently it is… here is good pic of Pittman, 3 trophies, and a bowling ball named Larry


Or here is a better look


Sooooo can we here that jukebox now!!? :star_struck::beers:

There is some massive trolling of Misery going on at the @razorbackfb Twitter account.


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