Call me an old fuddy-duddy

but this is a reflection of where we are as a society.

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It’s been a few years since these 2 matched up for sure. Like you, I’m not sure how many are familiar with the history. I think it will be a great game, or hope so anyway.

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What happened to, BEAT West Virginia”?

Not too far from Tuck Fexas back in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, etc.

You think the T & F flipped would’ve gone over well?

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I don’t think that flipping the T and F makes a difference in the intent of the message.

As a student, I thought it to be funny - even had one of the bumper stickers. As an adult, I look at it differently and think both of the messages are unnecessary and childish.

I recognize myself as an old fuddy-duddy as well.


I’m a fuddy duddy too. Got to grow up.


I stop reading or listening to anything meant to be taken seriously after someone drops the F-bomb. I also don’t believe it belongs in publicly audible discourse. There’s just no need.

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My father got on me and my four brothers with true fire. But never cussed. He said it’s not necessary. You need to cuss, you have not thought it out.


I don’t think you are being a fuddy-duddy at all. Being a complete jerk, (saying just horrible things…or having F*CK so and so on your bumper sticker for example) in public, has become accepted.

And it should not be.

Freedom of speech? Absolutely. Dude cannot be arrested for saying that. And he of course should not be.

But people like you Richard can sure say “hey, you are being a jerk.” And he is. Public decorum needs to make a strong comeback. You can express yourself without being a jerk. Period.

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If someone screams, “PAVLOV CINCINNATI” during the game will they kicked out?

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