Call me a Debbie Downer but

If you’re walking up or down steps, isn’t it a little dangerous?

Ahh took me a minute to realize what you meant. I was think maybe getting hit by a ball and thought the odds of that are very slim. Then I realized you meant the flashing of the lights on and off.

Yes I’d have to agree in a setting where you have little to no control of people moving all over, that just seems a bit reckless to me too. A lawsuit in the future whether they really fall or fake it to take advantage of it.

I’ve thought when this became the deal a few years ago. Especially for the older fans.

Older fans like me…

We moved around several times trying to find a spot where the lights did not shine brightly in our eyes. No luck.
Couldn’t see much of the action, either. Looked like red ants were playing the white ants.
Enjoyed the experience and we’ll return next year, but Baum is the best! Can’t wait to watch this team develop this season. GHG

If I was in the aisles when they started the strobe lights, I would just stop until the lights returned to normal.

I would just say, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up…(and)… is there an attorney in the house?”

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And it isn’t just the fans that are at risk.

Wegner was about to step on 2nd base when the lights went out. Even if it isn’t a blackout on the field, it doesn’t seem smart to do this.

I think it’s a bad idea with the dimming of the lights during the home runs. Seems there would be a liability issue.

The teams across the nation had to think this out and they keep doing it, so they must feel confident they’re ok legally.

I’m at the stadium. It isn’t nearly as dark as it might appear on TV. Anyone walking up or down the stairs in the stands would have no probem at all seeing where they were going.

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Good to know but I could still see it throwing off a more elderly person. I promise if my mom fell because of it I would raise cane.

Problem is, the schmo in front or behind you probably isn’t going to stop.

Like I said, I don’t know how it appeared on TV, but sitting in the stands, it just seemed to have no effect on anyone’s ability to see well. No more than the flashing scoreboards have. Even on the field, it wasn’t really dark. It was just darker. The lights that pulsated were focused only on the field. I’m nearly 71 years old & have a limp. I’d have had no problem walking the steps during those moments.

Maybe someone else who was there has a differeent thought, but based on what y’all are saying, it sure seems to me it looked much more stark on TV than it looked inside the stadium.

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I try to always walk to where I can put my hand on the rail if there is one. I have good balance but I learned a long time ago the cement will always win LOL

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