Is the worst cheater ever. They should have blown these guys out. Continues to overcoach.


Gas, this may have been one of Calipari’s least talented Kentucky teams. PJ Washington is a horse, but their guards are just so-so. Calipari has made the Elite 8, according to the announcer, 8 of his 10 years at Kentucky. That is crazy.

Pearl did a number on him today…he was clearly the better coach, in my view.

He is succsessful, never said he wasn’t, but with that organization he should be easily successful, especially with seeding. I’ll stick with what I said, he’s the worst of his ilk. As a coach

It’s like picking between throwing up and diarrhea :roll:

The KY Rivals site seems to share Gas’ opinion. Hmmm, what if KY lets Cal go?

Don’t misunderstand me. I don’t think Calipari is a great coach. He has great talent to coach. But it is ridiculous to go to the Elite 8 in 8 of 10 years and seeding is a part of that. His team this year wasn’t that talented by Kentucky standards. They shoulda, coulda been beaten the previous game.

And Duke should have lost their last two. Not defending Cal, but Duke has really good talent and the refs saved them on one of those.

Maybe, we were waiting for Cal to dun the cap and lead the battle cry “WPS” …

Unless I was looking at bad numbers, I believe it is 7 out of 10 (still great!) Elite eights. But let’s also remember the year after his only Nat’l Championship at KY, he didn’t even make the Tourney and lost in the 1st round of the NIT. That stands out more to me than 7 of 10 Elite Eights, with all the talent he’s had.

And, what made that NIT team even more memorable for me, was that Archie Goodwin (I’m too good for Arkansas) was on it.