Calipari not for UK playing Hogs twice in regular season

In Birmingham today for SEC Media Day. I asked John Calipari about Kentucky playing Arkansas twice in the regular season for the first time since 2014.

“I voted against that, too, by the way,” he joked.

That pompous a$$ would probably prefer not to play us at all. Muss should be 3-0 against him with nowhere near the talent The Squid had. Nobody does less with more than good ol’ Calimari.


You hit the musical note on Greaseball Cal. He does the least with the most talent!

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I guess the choice of the headline was to generate discussion. You said he was joking.

He was joking that he voted against playing Arkansas twice. But I think he does wish he didn’t have to play Arkansas twice.


Poor ole,greasy.

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I reckon I’m in the minority here. I like Cal. Of course, I liked Muammar Gaddafi and Jim Jones too.


Got it. I didn’t get that reading the article.

I have no problem with him. I understand the venom.

If you have no problem with him, then you don’t really understand the venom.


I have thought he was a good coach for a long time. His teams play solid fundamentals. He gets his good players the most shots. I believe he defines roles in solid fashion. He emphasizes defense. The way his roster turns over makes it tough, but he manages it OK.

This has nothing to do with how he talks about his players after losses or fails to credit the other team. I think that part of his act lacks class.

But those who think he is not a top end coach don’t see what I see as far as fundamentals or his system.

That is also my take on Cal. I admire how he takes 5 to 7 new players each year and most of the years turns them into a cohesive unit, tough on defense and sharing the ball on offense and contends for the championships.

Muss is doing the same now here. That part plus drawing out of state 5 stars to Arkansas is what got me sold on Muss.

As far as cheating, that part was definitely at UMass and Memphis. I am not sure if it’s there at Kentucky. I have felt that was not necessary to recruit talent to UK. But I could be wrong,

I think he is a pretty good coach. And obviously Coach K was too. But each one has only one Natty in the whole one-and-done era. Talent matters. But so does experience.

His contempt of AR goes back way before he came to KY. The remark he made to MA after beating us at home about recruiting in regards to Monk still irks me.
But regardless of how any of us or the the rest of the basketball world feel about him, I think the masses at KY have just about had their fill of Cal.

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Nailed it.

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When he was at Memphis, he made a remark about not wanting to play us, that we were just a regional team, and Memphis didn’t need to play us.He has been a greasy jerk long before he got to Kentucky


Not doubt he’s a good coach. But would he be at his lofty perch at Big Blue if he didn’t play loose with the rules at UMass or Memphis? Any wonder that most of us still question his ethics? Some would say he no longer needs to cheat because Big Blue can recruit itself. Fine. But he’s still sleaze. Just like Pearl and Wade.

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The 3 of them need to be in a Jail cell together.

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Funny thing: the other day on a thread on Saturdays Down South a Kentucky fan referred to Muss as the Wildcats’ Coach-in-Waiting. Not that I’m worried about that (what good would it do?), I just mention it as a reflection of the esteem in which some Kentucky fans hold Muss.

100% agree. Thought that for a long time