Calipari eats Herro's lunch during timeout

Not a Cal fan but love seeing this. Kid’s a mouth breather. Baller but mouth breather.

WOW!!! Looks like Herro got a little mouth during the time out and Cal certainly did eat his lunch. Looks like he told him to shut up and then maybe threw in an F bomb at the end too lol!!!

Says video was removed… can’t find it anywhere online. Cal must be playing damage control. What happened?

I searched google and youtube and can’t find the video anywhere. Anywhere it was posted says the copyright owner had this video removed lol. Cal and UK calling everyone up and having the video removed everywhere, don’t want those paid recruits to see this I guess.

Herro was cold and couldn’t make anything in the game. When Cal went to give him a chewing Herro and his entitled rear end had plenty to say himself. So Cal went off on him. This is yet another example of Cal doing less with more talent than any coach in the country.

I should have videotaped it with my phone (almost did to send to a buddy) because it was a beauty! Tore into his butt BIG TIME!!!

Greaseball “Cal” has top talent every year. I wonder why he can’t hang a banner every year from the dance? If he had the average talent of most college coaches he would be lucky to be .500! He under achieves every year. I hope he gets Kentucky on probation when he gets fired.
I can’t stand him!

Same thing happened today on instagram me and a group had a candid discussion with good dialogue about a particular issue and suddenly the post disappeared in thin air no trase