California State system cancels most fall classes

I don’t think that claim has ever been supported. It appears to have sprung from something one MN state senator claimed.

Any numbers you may have seen on how many people are infected but not hospitalized is pure guesswork given how little testing we’re doing. So I don’t put any credence in them. Test 2 million people a day, then talk to me.

My point is that with the information we have, 6% of known infections die, and that has been pretty consistent over the last month or so (which is better than UK and some other countries; the UK number is 14%). Thus, if the model is correct and we get to 147,000 deaths, we can expect another million or so confirmed cases. Some of those won’t be hospitalized, a lot will be.

Reopening sports, or anything else, is thus a value judgment. Is it more important to keep many of those 147,000 people alive as possible, or is it more important to get people back to work and relatively normal lives, including going to football games. I’m not in charge of making those decisions, and neither are you. I’m just pointing out information that may affect those decisions. And I’m aware that a complete lockdown for the rest of the year will not cut the infection/death rate to zero. Thus it’s a tradeoff.

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Now anyone with an opinion that relates to medicine becomes the object of your sarcasm. Pretty funny that you take things personal toward people with comments all the time and yet are still somehow an administrator around here. Did I call you Mr. Dumbsh_t? Nope. Condescension is your modus operandi.

You aren’t the only one that knows its a federal crime, duh! Yet, it happens everyday.

The University I work at eliminated five intercollegiate teams and the cheer squad last week. Tuesday the University laid off 100 people and canceled all capital projects. A number of educational programs were shut down as well. We are looking at losing between 300 and 600 students for the upcoming year. The University of Michigan system is going to lose close to a Billion dollars, Baylor is running an $80m Deficit. The next two years will completely change higher education in America. This is only the tip of the iceberg nationally. Small and mid tier Universities and Colleges will be closing because of this. The institutions that survive will eliminate education programs and sports at schools that cannot afford to continue to support them. Over the next several months you will see in news reports all over the country Universities and Colleges announcing lay offs. This will touch nearly every University in America.

The testing argument works both ways. Test 2 million people a day and then tell me the virus kills 6% of the people who get infected. The difference is that there’s no question we are undercounting actual infections, so it’s not a matter of if the death rate is less than 6 %, it’s a matter of how much less than 6%.

You also don’t seem to disagree that the vast majority of people who are infected at any one are never going to wind up in the hospital.

I guess the one thing out of the pandemic which is extremely unpleasant for many people(and in this in no way is directed to you, it’s a general statement) is that the issues of whether/when/how/how fast to re-open forces people who normally don’t give much thought to the consequences of public policy choices to consider the almost immediate impact on their lives and their country of the options, and to realize that no matter what choice is made, some people are going to suffer because of it.

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