California QB on campus (2:38 update)

2020 QB Jaden Casey of Calabasas High School is visiting Arkansas today. He has an offer from Indiana.

Wouldn’t be surprised if he received an offer from the Hogs today.

HUDL: … 2164821729

Nice film…also nice self alley oop dunk with two hands at 6’1"…impressive! Definitely looks like a player…

Good grief, the throws I just witnessed show a high level very serious arm. Hard to believe a 15 or 16 yr old has that. Really impressive.
Thanks, Richard, for posting this.

Seems to have a really good grasp of when to put touch on the ball and when to drive it. Also it looks pretty obvious that he is doing a lot more throwing than running, in spite of being a good athlete.

Kid is a stud.

RD - Very interesting that this young man is coming all this way to check out a practice of ours. Is there any connections to the State or the Hogs or is it all related to CCM and his offenses he runs?

Kid has a gun and is very accurate too!


No ties. They started talking to him and he wanted to visit. Hope to talk to him.

Stunning talent. Great fun to watch as long as he isn’t
on the other team. Such good touch on the ball and
obviously has a cannon when needed.

My gosh. What touch for such a young man. Do we dare even hope?

Made a lot of those throws off his back foot. Pure arm strength.

Noticed that too.

Richard - Does this QB have any serious interest in the Hogs after his visit? I’ll wait patiently while you gather more information about him. My guess is that all the west coast schools will be after him big time. Would he prefer a chance to play in the SEC?

This coaching staff is doing a good job finding talent and getting them to take a look. Big improvement compared to the prior staff. Now we got to get them signed bt at least the staff is competing .