California legislature passes bill allowing athlete payments

NCAA had warned that Cali schools could be banned from postseason play because this law would give them an unfair advantage. Legislature said we don’t care, you’re not going to shaft California athletes any more. Three-year grace period to give schools and the NCAA time to adjust. The state Senate approved a similar but not identical bill, so they have to reconcile the differences before it goes to the governor.

Yes, Cali is a liberal state, but a Republican congressman from ratcheer in North Carolina is proposing a similar measure which would apply nationwide.

CA Assembly says pay them

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I can see all sorts of problems with this. I favor some sort of payment, but I don’t want to see a full-blown bidding war for top players in revenue sports while we turn around and pay nothing to athletes in non-revenue sports.

California is strong, but if the NCAA resists, I’m not sure the Cal schools will like the result. Might find themselves in a whole separate organization.

Can of worms either way.

I can see this opening the flood gates in other states. Of course we will be about ten years behind as usual. Arkansas would be one of the last, if not THE LAST state to authorize payments to players.